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2010-01-28 10:11 am

[private][easy to hack]

Have those villains no shame at all? Kidnapping children, then stealing Erealia's Prince, who has done no ill to man or beast. But Good will prevail, and the Prince shall be rescued.

I do not know what that proud country might do if it lost him, but we do not need another nation readying its troops and preparing for war.
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2010-01-05 12:49 pm

[oh so very loud and public]

Ha! Take that, thou vile fiends! Never shall the forces of the Great Enchanter overtake us! We have triumphed, I say! Triumphed!
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2009-12-01 12:43 pm


I wish to hail the Lord or Lady of that most magnificent of flying ships which is called the Winding Way. Are they about, or might some kind soul direct me to the person to whom I ought to talk in their absence? I am called Don Quixote de La Mancha, knight-errant, and it is my desire to add my strong arm and my righteous sword to your quest to rescue those young members of your crew who have been unjustly taken from you.

My current abode is a small monastery on the edge of Garrettstown. You have but to say the word, and I shall be there.
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2009-11-30 06:41 pm

App and concrit/contact post

Love the way that I play him? Have some pointers? Want to RP with the good knight? Contact me here or IM me, and let's chat! All comments are screened.

Name/Nickname: Molly
AIM/E-mail/Contact: singswithtrees (AIM)/ (e-mail)
LJ: singswithtrees

Canon Character and Series: Don Quixote de La Mancha/Man of La Mancha by Mitch Leigh and Joe Darion
In-Game Name: Don Quixote de la Mancha/Alonso Quijano
Age: 57
Gender: male
Position & Ship: Seaman, Winding Way

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